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by Mary Saragnese, Librarian, Uniondale High School

With the upgrade to Version 8.0 of the Library’s Follett Destiny circulation management software, students and staff are now able to rate and comment on the books they read. How can they do this?

Students will need to visit the library’s OPAC (online public access catalog) at http://follett (from school) and (from home).

Once a student is at the library site, he/she must log in to have full access to all of the features of Destiny version 8.0 A student can log in using his/her Uniondale student ID # (this serves as Username AND password). Students will have to ask his or her librarian for this number. Once logged in, the student will see his or her name at the top of the screen. Simply click on the “Catalog” button to enter the library’s OPAC. By typing in a title or author, students can search for books they want to read and/or review. If they wish to review a book, they can find they title they want to review and click on the “reviews” button. Add your review--make it snappy!--and it will be available for your fellow students to help them decide what book to borrow.