student.gifEnrichment Clusters in the Library

by D. Doherty

Last school year, Northern Parkway School began to incorporate Enrichment Clusters into the school week. Enrichment Clusters, started by Joseph Renzulli of the University of Connecticut, creates an opportunity for students and teachers to work toward the production of a product or service. Clusters are held once a week for a ten week cycle.
This year, Ms. Doherty created a book review Enrichment Cluster. Students who choose this cluster activity spent time brainstorming the components of a book review. After agreeing on an outline of essential ingredients to a book review, each student wrote a review about a book they recently read.
Student book reviews were added to our online public access catalog, Destiny. Cluster members hope their star reviews will assist other students find a good book to read!

Examples of our starred reviews are below:

I am reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. The setting of this book is at Greg’s house and his school. It’s all about a kid who writes a journal about his life. One day he told his mom to get a book that did not say “DIARY” on it but his mom forgot and got him a book that said “DIARY” and then that’s how the book was created. This book is very amusing and hilarious. I think this book is good for Grades 4-5 because if this book was recommended to a 3rd grader he/she would not understand most of the words.


I think Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time by Lisa Yee is a great and funny book. It is about a sixth grader who flunks English class. He had to go to summer school but he had other plans. Like going to basketball camp! He has a terrible summer. This book is for fourth and fifth graders.