sleuth.gifFirst Graders Are Research Detectives!

by Barbara Pletenycky

First grade Grand Avenue students have what it takes when it comes to research in the library. Ms. Maskel’s, Mrs. Ginn and Ms. White’s classes selected an animal of their choice, collected facts, and organized these facts into sentences.

Students gathered information in the library using books, online databases and the Heinemann First Encyclopedia. Students made discoveries about what their animal looks like, what the animals does, what the animal eats and where the animal lives.

Students worked independently and prepared all their written work for an oral presentation, complete with a hand-drawn illustration. Students shared their information and answered questions about their topic from their classmates.

The project helps our students to become “eager beavers” when it comes to research and gives our students life-long learning skills necessary for success in all their future academic, professional and personal lives.