Pet Research by Second Grade Students at Walnut Street School
By Gail Limmer

During library class, students in grade 2 learned about pets using the PebbleGo Online Database. First we learned about the research process. Then we discussed the benefits of using a database. Students were divided into teams and given a specific pet to research. Students worked with their partner to access the PebbleGo Database. Once the students logged on they searched for their assigned pet. Working together they read the information and wrote facts about their pet on their research guide. Students were instructed on the method to write the facts in their own words. Students were then allowed to create an original illustration to represent their pet. After each group completed writing their facts, they presented what they learned to the rest of the class.
Students were engaged in their work and were inspired to learn more facts about their assigned pet. In addition, they were interested in learning more about the other pets that their classmates spoke about.