Realistic Fiction

by Deirdre Reddington

Do you look for yourself in a story? See yourself in a character? If daily life provides enough adventure and mystery for you, realistic fiction is the genre you need!

Realistic fiction includes all stories that mimic life in the real world. Sometimes, realistic fiction is described as stories that could really happen, but did not. These stories were created in the author’s imagination with authenticity and honesty in mind.

Realistic fiction is great genre for children who enjoy relating stories to their own lives. Many realistic fiction books feature everyday problems children face at school and at home. These stories will help children problem solve and cope with common issues like friendships, moving, bullying, divorce, sibling rivalry and many other life experiences. After reading, a child may realize that his or her problems are not unique; and it is possible to work through difficult times and grow.

Realistic fiction stories can help children better understand life and prepare for future conflicts and real life situations. These stories are usually hopeful and reassuring. At the library, search by keyword and choose an age-appropriate book for your child!

Suggested authors

Grades K-2

David Adler
Judy Blume
Nikki Grimes
Jane O’Connor
Judith Viorst
Patricia Reilly Giff
Peter Reynolds
Gary Soto

The Dot by Peter Reynolds
Vashti believes that she cannot draw, but her art teacher's encouragement leads her to change her mind.

If the Shoe Fits by Gary Soto
After being teased about his brand new loafers, Rigo puts them away for so long he grows out of them.

Grades 3-5

Judy Blume
Beverly Cleary
Andrew Clements
Sharon Creech
Karen English
Jack Gantos
Dan Gutman
Johanna Hurwitz
Suzy Kline
Lisa Yee

Nikki & Deja: Birthday Blues by Karen English
Third graders Nikki and Deja try to come up with a fun way to celebrate Déjà’s birthday while she is staying at her boring neighbor's house, but their nemesis Antonia may devise a way to ruin Deja's perfect party.

Bobby vs. Girls (accidently) by Lisa Yee
Bobby inadvertently gets into a fight with his best friend Holly, and their disagreement develops into a boys versus girls war involving their whole fourth-grade class.