Videoconferencing at Walnut Street SchoolStudents at Walnut Street School were able to visit the author Susan Stauffacher via videoconference this past February. Ms. Stauffacher wrote the book Nothing but Trouble: The True Story of Althea Gibson. Before meeting the author, students in Mrs. Syetta's second grade class listened to the story during library class. They also conducted further research on Althea Gibson as well as Susan Stauffacher. The students expanded their knowledge and were able to ask intelligent and pertinent questions during the interactive program. If it were not for the technology of videoconferencing, the students would not have been able to experience this worthwhile event. Everyone was very excited and enthusiastic to meet this author. For many weeks following the videoconference, students were asking to borrow all of Ms. Stauffacher's books from the library.
Students enjoying the videoconference
Author Susan Stauffacher