Ancient Greece Invade Uniondale!

Students in Mr. Vichiarelli, Mr. Daly and Mr Nadolecki's 9th grade Social Studies classes have been actively involved in a 2nd quarter research project studying Ancient Greece. Students began their preparation for this project by visiting the High School's Library Media Center. After an introduction to a history and understanding of the Ancient Greek theatre, students were asked to work in groups to collaborate on this special assignment. Students created their own dramatization of a Greek myth or legend based on the format used by the Ancient Greeks in their plays and theatrical presentations. In order to present an authentic Ancient Greek theatre experience, students designed and created masks for their "characters" and then presented their "plays" as they would have been presented in the "Theatre of Dionysus" or typical Ancient Greek theatre setting. Each group was responsible for the initial collaboration, research, scriptwriting and performance of their myth or legend. Each student assumed the role of their chosen character and had their mask represent their character's traits. Some of the students also designed props to use during the presentation of their plays. The remaining students in the class served as their "Ancient Greek audience". Students presented their plays for the first time as a "dress rehearsal" during their actual class time. On Thursday, January 10, 2008, students were invited to present their plays for an official videotaping of their efforts. The plays will then be edited and produced as a "vodcast" for viewing on the school library's wiki page ( The students were videotaped in the High School's new TV/Film Production Studio (Room 118). Mr. Daniel Galiardi, High School Social Studies Teacher and the student members of the TV/Film Club were on hand to oversee the videotaping of these "Ancient Greek" plays.

Written by Ms. Mary Saragnese, Library Media Specialist, Uniondale High School