Northern Parkway Blogs!

We have bloggers at Northern Parkway! Fourth and fifth grade students are using a blog to answer questions and respond to comments. The word blog is short for weblog. A blog is an online journal or newsletter. Blogs enable users to publish short comments and ideas instantly for other people to read.

During library sessions at Northern Parkway, students typically blog a short repsonse after listening to a reading passage. An blog entry may include answers to comprehension questions, recommendations for other readers, and most importantly, opinions about selections we read together. Our blog is a great place for students to expand their thoughts and emotions about literature. Students are able to access the blog in their classrooms or from home computers. They are always encouraged to read their classmate's entries.

The Northern Parkway Library’s blog address is At Northern Parkway, students work in pairs to compose answers, help each other edit and then type their answers. All posts are reviewed by a librarian before being submitted. Blogs allow for assessment in several key areas including compostion, grammar and keyboarding skills. Please visit and contribute to our blog!