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On January 28, we welcomed David Warlick!

David Warlick has enjoyed a career that has spanned more than 30 years. An author, blogger, and Web 2.0 programmer, he has been in the forefront of strategizing ways to lasso and channel technology to best serve students. Since 1981, David Warlick has been utilizing and applying information and technology to help people of all levels and ages learn. His blog, 2ยข Worth, enjoys a world-wide readership, and his collection of invaluable tools on the website, Landmark for Schools, serves students and teachers around the world. Throughout it all, he challenges our notion about what the 21st century classroom should look like and how we best can harness the collective and collaborative energy of the technology revolution, for revolution it is.

David Warlick shared some insights--and resources--that provoked discussion and thought. He maintained that we need to shift our focus from technology integration to literacy, and the best gift we can give our students is to empower them to teach themselves. He asked, "If all our children have learned is how to read, are they literate--or are they dangerous?" We need to expand our notions about what it means to be a reader. We all have a story, and we all have something to teach.

Click below for a link to the resources mentioned at the presentation: