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by Barbara Pletenycky

Fifth grade students from Ms. Greenstein's class created a list of words to describe their dreams. Students worked on lists that included fun, fantasy, feelings and real events. We discussed how sometimes you dream at night and sometimes you daydream. Dreams can also be hopes for the future. Students thought about their hopes and dreams. They chose some words that describe these thoughts. Each poem had the same title and format but the thoughts and feelings are completely personal.

Here are our examples - these poems were entered into a national poetry contest sponsored by the American Library of Poetry on the recommendation of our reading teachers,Mrs. Meranus and Mrs. Bernsten. They were also featured at the Poetry Café. This project turned out to be a very meaningful and personal experience for the students and for myself. They really dug deep into their hopes and feelings to produce such exemplary work.

I often dream of standing up straight
and wishing for one more chance
to show that I can do anything
that people can do.

I think of people that they don't want me to be
around them because I have a walker.

And, when I dream,
I'm standing up straight
and playing sports I like
and love in my heart.

I fell like I can do anything
without the walker.

I often dream of standing up straight.

By Isaiah

I often dream of my brother Joe to come
home and wishing for it to be true.

I think of the times
he has helped me through.
And, when I dream of my brother Joe
coming back home
I feel the affection with Joey.

I often dream of my brother Joe coming
home to stay.

By Sayvonne

I often dream of taking with my Mom
and wishing for a kiss from Mom

I think of her beauty and
how great she was to me.

And, when I dream about my Mom,
she is holding me close.

I feel so happy
I don't want my dream to end.

I often dream of talking with my Mom.

By Alans

I often dream of being the best student in school and wishing for straight A grades.
I think of what it will be like for me.
And, when I dream this dream I want it to be a reality.
I feel that this could all come true.
I often dream of being the best student in school.

By Kimberly