Exercise Your Mind and Body


by Gail Limmer

Great things are happening at Walnut Street School. Thanks to a grant received from the Uniondale Foundation for Educational Excellence, students in grades 3-5 will be able to participate in a unique new program. This enriching experience will allow students to participate in physical exercise while listening to a novel. Students will participate in groups of four. They will listen to special audiobooks called Playaways, playaways.jpgself-playing digital audiobooks. As the students listen to their audiobook, they will be walking with the library media specialist and a group of their peers. Depending on the weather, the groups will walk either inside or outside Walnut Street School. Some students will walk and listen during their recess period and others will walk and listen before school. After the students finish their audiobook, they will have the opportunity to discuss it with each other and write a review that will be posted in our Walnut Street School Library's online catalog. Students are looking forward to choosing a new audiobook based on a review from their peers!