photo story fun.jpgResearch, Writing, & Movie-Making Continue in the Library

by: Paula Trapani-Wiener, LRMS Librarian

Once again, I am so proud to share some of the wonderful work done by our students in the library this year. This year, I have worked with students in all grades on various projects—projects that incorporate literacy, technology, and the new common core standards.

Some the most successful (and most fun) library projects involved the use of either Animoto or Microsoft Photo Story. These programs allows you to combine images, photographs, text, music, and even voice recordings to make “movies” of your finished work. Our 6th graders made Photo Story PSAs (public service announcements), our 7th graders turned their own original science fiction stories into movies, our 8th graders made personal, persuasive movies, and our native Spanish-speakers made movies of their own personal immigration stories.

Each class spent about a week in the library where I introduced Photo Story and modeled the use of any other necessary online resources. Students were given some time to research, write, revise, collect images, and record their voice narrations. On the last day in the library, we watched the finished movies and were able to commend everyone on how well all of the pieces truly came together.

Congratulations LR! Your research, writing, technology, and movie-making skills are nothing short of amazing. We are very proud and can’t wait to see how you build on these skills next year!

To view more details about these projects (and even see some sample student work), please visit the links below from our library wiki: